What Does Tech Support Look Like for Your Business?


Information Technology (IT) support for your business is essential. What you have to decide is the level of support you require or can afford? Crisis management, 24 hour support, technicians on call, trouble shooters or a permanent employee? Your decision will come down to the number of employees you have, your technology requirements, your reliance on technology for your business to function and of course budget.

Who fixes technology problems in your office now?

Often the boss is the one left making the decisions about what new equipment or systems to buy and implement. If bought under warranty, equipment can be repaired. Software support is usually offered by the providers. What about backups, set-ups and repairs, whose responsibility are those?

Who buys the company mobile phones, printers, laptops, technical equipment, IT solutions in NZ, etc… whose responsibility is it for their maintenance – the employees?

When should you think about outsourcing your IT needs?

Information Technology outsourcing in New Zealand is increasing in popularity. It can often work out cheaper than having a permanent employee. If you or someone in your business is spending more time on fixing technical issues than their ‘real’ job then you need help!

Trick is finding a company you can trust and build a relationship with so that they help your business move forward. When you have 25 to 50 employees you may find that is the critical level for needing full-time support from an on-site employee. Up to that level you may find that occasionally calling in support or having someone visit your offices and staff for one day or a few hours a week is sufficient for tech maintenance.

Outsourcing or Permanent Employee?

A permanent employee will become familiar with your company and its needs, with their colleagues and their skill sets. They will generally be more expensive and may not be able to cope alone during periods of high demand. Perhaps when a new system is being installed or upgraded they may find themselves under considerable pressure. A lot offers IT outsourcing in NZ.

It could be that a permanent employee works well but could benefit from support on occasion when under pressure or with a tight deadline. In this case the back up of an IT support company could come in really useful.

What to look for in an IT support company?

An IT support company in NZ should be interested in your business. They should be flexible and able to work intensively with you in the initial stages to establish the areas of your business that need the most support. If you have systems that need to run 24 hours a day then you will need to choose a company that offers an out of hours service for when things go wrong at 2am on a Sunday!

Costs are a hugely important consideration. You don’t want to be paying on-call fees or travel expenses daily when perhaps a package deal would suit you better. Having a tech support person in once a week for example to troubleshoot and offer maintenance may be more cost effective than having someone come out and run diagnostics when there’s an issue.

We rely so much on technology these days and we need all of these systems to run smoothly. If they are not fully functioning then your business loses money, and that’s not an ideal situation.

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